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USPS Approved Mailbox Guidelines

USPS-Approved Mailbox Sizes
& Installation Guidelines

The following is per USPS regulations regarding mailbox sizes and installation...

Mailboxes must be placed so they can be safely and conveniently served by carriers without leaving their vehicles.  They must be on the right-hand side of the road in the direction of travel of the carrier in all cases where traffic conditions are such that it would be dangerous for the carriers to drive to the left to reach the boxes, or where their doing so would constitute a violation of traffic laws and regulations.

Generally, mailboxes should be installed:

* with the bottom of the box at a vertical height of between 3-1/2 to 4 feet from the road surface,

* 6" - 8" from the front face of the curb to the mailbox door, and

* placed to conform to any additional state laws and regulations.

Since road and curb conditions vary, the USPS recommends that customers be advised to contact their local postmaster or carrier before erecting or replacing their mailboxes and supports.
There are three standard sizes and two styles of mailboxes:
T1 and C1 18 1/2" 5" 6"
T2 and C2 19 1/2" 6" 7"
T3 and C3 22 1/2" 8" 11 1/2"

T - Traditional style
C - Contemporary style
Dimensions reflect the minimum interior size.

Section D041 of the Domestic Mail Manual contains additional information about curbside mailboxes.

Please go to WWW.USPS.COM for more info.